Restoration and Know-how

The restoration of a piano is an adventure that keeps renewing itself. Each instrument brings its own experience, difficulties, discoveries and joys. This may be the reason why we only become restorers after years of practice, but we remain apprentices in our soul.

Come and discover what is :
– The restoration in the noble sense
-The very traditional quality restoration
– The historical restoration, concept that we have proudly developed in our own workshops
– conservation in original condition

— Gérard Fauvin, Domaine Musical de Pétignac

you want to know

How much will my piano restoration cost ?

Today, depending on all unique and individual characteristics of every instrument (type, state and nature of the furniture) its bass string materials (standard steel or copper, old fashioned drawing, brass on steel for exemple, damages provoked by humidity or dryness etc etc) it takes a minimum of 250 hours to restore a piano.

Restoring a piano, without discriminating between tradition restoration and historical restoration, means spending the necessary time to inspect, diagnostic, prepare a precise quote, insuring transportation, enforce the work of our craftsmen using the best materials possible, which means the most appropriate for your piano, according to your taste and choices.

Too often you are sold a “standard exchange of parts and felts”. And Your piano looses then all quality and value. Restoring doesn’t mean pushing in large pegs and glueing new felts.

This is the main reason why you should know that prices (excluding VAT) start at 10.000 for an upright piano and at 12.000 for a grand piano. The restoration of an historical piano would reasonably start at 18.000 (still excluding VAT).

Can a wooden framed piano be restored ?

Yes of course. Theoretically any piano can be restored. It is only a matter of cost and waiting. The so called problem linked to the wooden frame is a simple tale invented by piano merchants who would rather sell a new piano.

The restoration of a wooden framed piano doesn’t show any problems as long as you verify the harmonic structure and in particular the instrument’s rim. Do not believe any story where the proposal is to “add a metallic frame”.

A simple matter of know how .. and possibly also determination

Restored pianos export

Our restorations can endure long trips and exotic climates. We receive and ship piano well away from the Charente.

  • All of France
  • Europe (Portugal, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland)
  • Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia
  • Brazil
  • United States
  • Taiwan