A high-quality technical service is offered by the technicians of the Musical Domain of Pétignac. From simple agreement to complete harmonization, our technicians are at your service to offer the best maintenance conditions to your piano. They travel to Charente, Charente-Maritime, Deux-Sèvre, Vienne, Haute-Vienne, Dordogne, Gironde and throughout France from Tuesday to Saturday.

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The Tuning

I often share this truth: if I were not paid (expensive) to tune your pianos, I would soon be reduced to paying myself, in order to continue to live the privilege of working on myself by the search for accuracy, perfect Accord, Harmony Universal.

Granting a piano does not solve a priced relationship, a form of inevitable professional prostitution: money against past time, n result of the first degree (playable piano and tuned) is often only approached, the second degree (approach of a relationship Symbolic between human beings) downright non-existent in this market of dupes.

Granting a piano also obeys a rule of three.” To grant is to put a sound body in harmony with the Universe, at a given moment, in a given place, for a given person.

Can I expand? We live in a world in perpetual motion and evolution, the agreement made on THIS PIANO-LÀ is located at a specific time of day or night, in a place with its own acoustics, dependent on the weather, the season, and realized BY or FOR a per myself (the tuner) or “the pianist” himself; Yes, yes: it happens! To grant, the process is done in a precise and “non-negotiable” manner. Part of the tuning, the “UN,” the unique, “The” “reference.” From the 3, I grant the 2 and begins to establish quintes, quarters and thirds according to an immutable pattern … that changes every five years! Don’t risk falling asleep in a method that could become comfortable. There is the rule and the implementation of the rule.

Make an appointment for an agreement


I like going to your house; go to auditorium xxx, to work on the piano. This piano, “the most beautiful in the world” when you chose it, has been transformed, modified, into good, but also into “less good”.

The hammer felts hardened, slowly, little by little. It’s like your son Louis “My God, how he grew up” … <<really ? you find>>? When you live with it on a daily basis, you don’t realize it.

yes. So, on the last two occasions, I asked you: << You still like the sound>>? And the last time, I started:<< Don’t you think it has become too metallic>>?

So we made an appointment. You are present, you observe, both confident and anxious.

First the tunning, very neat. Then the hands, the mechanics out, the heads raised … the sanding.

I feel you feverish.

The sanded heads, we discuss on “the ideal sound”. And then the first needle strokes. We test one. We bring out the mechanics (I say “we” because if it is my hands that act, I feel you so invested in the actions and the result).

Finally, we come to a sound close to the desired goal. Roundness, fruity, balance, we have a straight that sounds “velvety”.

The following ? Would you like to know more? We can talk about it …

The settings

The mechanics of a piano are made up of several thousand parts subjected to harsh stresses when you play, these forces causing over time more or less significant changes in the mechanical assembly. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the mechanics at regular intervals in order to guarantee precise and pleasant play.