Second hand pianos

Petignac welcomes anybody who loves a piano. All pianos.

For the last 30 years we listen to concert pianists and amateurs of beautiful pianos.

Concert pianists and concert organizers, we appreciate them for their quality demand. Our STEINWAY & SONS are our spearheads.

Our tuners, trained in Petignac, ally competence and passion to escort you best.

Steinway & Sons V125 Vertegrand

This piano is of the best craftsmanship existing. An upright concert piano used by the greatest pianist at its time. A new piano like this would be off the chart. The touch is as magnificent as the resonance, glorious ivory keys, two pedals, splendid restoration, perfect working conditions. Limited edition with original and stunning marquetry. The choice is yours.

Price 28 850,00 €

Th.Mann & Co

Grand statement piano. An old fashioned piano that has become eternal. A full bodied sound. Simply said a pleasure. Biedermeier was one of the first German designers. He was the Boulle of his time in Germany. An heritage piano with an exceptional sound. It’s been used by Vivian Roorst to record the Winter of his Four Seasons. Magnificently restored in our workshop in 2002. Taken in because of a passage to the absolute : Steinway & Sons

Price TTC 14.750,00 €

Pleyel from 1843, baby grand concert piano
The statement piano. This is the one that Chopin would have played at the end of his life. A very modern resonance for the time. Light touch, singing tone, very Pleyel. A sober and pretty furniture, a heritage piace, nostalgic and full of memories. Can be easily tuned from 435 to 442 Hz. Used for many recordings, festivals, operas and national theaters.
Price TTC 24 850,00 €
Gaveau 132 Concert

Grand statement piano. Brillant and powerful sound, a real piano of pleasure and execution. Beautiful aesthetics, excellent touch, european sound. Perfect condition after its complete overhaul in our workshop. Four magnificent chandeliers. Guaranteed 5 years.

Price TTC 5 500,00 €
Our workshop was honored by the 1pm news on TF1

Report shown on friday April the 4th at the 34th minute of the 1pm news presented by Jean Pierre Pernaut, the Domanine Musical of Petignac was the object of a report filmed by Cathelyne Hemery.

Our friend Marc Deligny has been here too.

Report that you can find online and that has been filmed in the frame of the Craftsmanship days.

If you haven’t seen it yet, and if you want to see it again, here is the link :
The report is at the 34th minute .

You can also follow the link to our YouTube channel “DMPetignac” and watch this video :

Plucked strings, spurce, harpsichords and clavichords

Currently, we still have some instruments available.

For information, contact us on 05 45 66 43 60.

Painting and aesthetics
we present some pieces with a daring, trendy aesthetic, enough to give you ideas :

  1. A Wieber 109 Red Ferrari
  2. A venerable Kemble painted by Maria Peranfan-Simmons
  3. An Eisenberg painted by Fabienne Fauvin-Munsch
Créated by Maria Perafan-Maumont

Respectable old Kemble piano that sparked creative fever. This beautiful creation is due to Maria (l’Atelier de Maria, in Châteaubernard), painter, sculptor and plastic artist, having among other things created our chandeliers and lights, balcony …

What if you had your piano decorated and painted ?

Maria, Fabienne and their friends painters are able to answer all your requests, in all styles : leather, acrylic, collages … dare the original ! From 1.000 €, and on quotation, of course.