Pianos présented at the Domaine Musical de Pétignac

Our website does not provide you with a detailed list of our new or recent pianos. Piano shops have lists and lists with names and prices. We do not provide virtual but real and true.


Jewels in their boxes

Petignac welcomes all of you who love pianos. All pianos.
For more than 30 years we have been listening to pianists and amateurs of beautiful pianos.

Concert pianists and organizers, we appreciate them for their quality requirement. Our Steinway and Sons are our spearheads.

Our tuners, trained in Petignac, ally competence and passion to follow you at their best.

Why and who for ? A new piano

For the precision of its touch, the uniformity of its tone, its clean sonority, its dynamic character and finally its sober, pure esthetic and design

Why and who for ? A second hand piano

Second hand pianos can be classified in three categories: recent deals (less than twenty years old) Older deals (old pianos in their orignal conditions, can still be played, often with lovely furniture) Finally the restored pianos (traditional restoration or historical) All these pianos can offer the greatest of joys. At the Domaine Musical of Petignac we have more than 50 second hand pianos, renovated or restored, that can offer pleasure to the most demanding clients. Our specialty : the lovely early twentieth century pianos, with their furniture made of exotic woods, their sensual and harmonious design; their curves, the emotion generated by their tone so Musical and noble when compared to the standardized bareness of many modern pianos.

Why buying your piano at Petignac.

We have a good choice (more than 100 pianos) the most representatives in their own categories. Our pianos are prepared for real. But this is not sufficient for us. We sell good and beautiful pianos, but our network of technicians guarantees not only the original quality of our pianos but also the quality in time, thanks to our training and the care that we will give it during its life. Anybody can purchase new pianos and show them in a lovely room and became a piano dealer. But that’s not enough: preparation and maintenance contribute to the quality of your piano in the future during dozens of years.

When choosing a piano to purchase, a piano’s brand is not the most important detail, but where you buy it. Because buying a piano must be a JOY. It is very easy to confuse the pleasure or finding the lowest price on the internet and that is so very sad. People believe they find pleasure in saving a few hundred euros, when in fact the most important part of this journey is finding YOUR piano, a fabulous piano, a piano for one or more lifetimes, the most beautiful piano, the one you find where somebody shines, who using his or her competence and professional experience in order to tune, set, prepare and advice you while thinking in the long term.

What pianos can you find at Petignac ?

Gerard Fauvin offers in Petignac the following brands: Blüthner, Erard, Keilberg, Kemble, Petrof, Pleyel, Samick, Sauter, Seiler, Steinway & Sons, Wendl & Lung, Yamaha.

We also offer many ‘meeting’ pianos and “passing” pianos, Bösendorfer, Bechstein, Schiedmayer, Steingraeber, Gaveau, instruments that have come here to find a master or simply to find new health.

We are able, or course, to supply pianos of other brands, if your choice is made. However our brands seems to us to be the more representative and the ones that répond better to the “value for money” requirements.

You will always find in Petignac around fifty new and second hand pianos in our showroom. More over recent deals. In total there are around 200 pianos haunting our showroom.

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