We like pianos with character, with great sound quality, originals, curious or with creative spirit.
Our pianos are unique, they are beautiful, they are good, and they have storys to tell. The more you play a restored piano in Pétignac, the more you will like it.

What pianos can you find at Petignac ?

– Some pianos are “in their own juice”, after complete revision, but with original string plan and felts.
– there are also restored pianos, either in traditional restoration or in historical restoration.
– What our professional customers are very fond of are our concert pianos ! Steinway & Sons, Boston or Ritmuller, from a baby-grand to the grand concert, they are dream occasion !
These pianos are super neat, set to the top, their soud is exemplary ! Michel Petrucciani could not resist ! In any case, this is often the only way to achieve such quality from prestigious brands, for prices whithout comparison.

The beautiful restoration is the magnificent instrument of which we cannot understand the musical qualities, the equality of touch, the beauty of the furniture, while “visibly”, it is in original condition.

Restored Pianos :

– Bechstein quart de queue 1903, noir satiné
– Pleyel 1843, demi queue en acajou.
– Pleyel 1920, quart de queue, modèle 3 bis, en palissandre, verni au tampon
– Erard 1890, acajou plein fil, 3/4 queue
– Erard 1906, palissandre frisé, 3/4 queue
– Feurich 1/2 queue de concert de 1921, laqué noir polyester, clavier ivoire
– Gaveau 1/4 queue, beau noyer ciré de 1910.
– Steinway & Sons modèle B 211, clavier ivoire de 1990
– Steinway & Sons modèle M 170, décembre 2003, parfait état
– Steinway & Sons de 1883, piano de concert, 227 cm, splendeur de restauration historique
– Steinweg 1872, grand concert à pieds griffés “patte de lion” et ceinture sculptée
– Pianos droits Bechstein, Pleyel, Erard, Gaveau, Steinway & Sons, et différents allemands de très belle facture

Pianos d’occasion, récents ou en état d’origine :

– 1/4 queue “Laurent” 1930, acajou “soleil” vernis au tampon
– Blüthner de 1942, modèle 10, 166 cm, noir poli d’origine, clavier ivoire
– Chappel de 1911, acajou ciré, 185 cm, six pieds.
– Weinbach 1/4 queue, modèle 172, laqué noir ± 10 ans
– Petrof 1/2 queue, modèle 193, un an et demi, laqué noir, superbe !!!

Please note : This list of instruments is constantly changing and can in no way bind “Le Domaine Musical de Pétignac”, to have these references available to its customers.

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