Domaine Musical de Pétignac : Steinway & Sons 2020 Authorised Dealer

One of the biggest seller of Steinway & Sons in France.

From the meeting between the craft and the passionate world of music were born the Steinway and Sons pianos, more than 165 years ago. Considered by the greatest concertists as the best pianos in the world, they are distinguished from other upright pianos and grand pianos by their touch, allowing the most subtle nuances, and an inimitable sound, both rich and powerful.

Come and choose your piano like no one else has, we take you to Hamburg !!!


Steinway & Sons are chosen by 99,6% of concert pianists in the whole world. There are good reasons. It’s because they represent the best choice, at Musical, artistic, technical and economical level. Steinway & Sons manufactures upright and grand pianos.

Steinway & Sons manufactures exclusively unique pieces, works of art.

These pianos have been on display at Pétignac for 20 years now.

Gérard Fauvin likes to say “what can we say of a Steinway if not that it summarizes the luxury of a Jaguar, the endurance of a Mercedes, the performance of a Ferrari, the prestige of a Rolls Royceand the longevity of a Bugatti, like no other product manufactured in the whole world” !

A true showroom

This may be why Gerard Fauvin loves Steinway pianos. This is why he offers a truly beautiful show of Steinway & Sons, like jewels in their boxes : the salon of the Domaine Musical of Petignac.

The Steinway & Sons range of pianos lists two upright and seven grand pianos. There is no manufacturing or quality difference between upright and grand pianos. They are manufactured in the same factory in Hambourg, GErmany, by the same craftsmen, using the same woods and materials, according to the same specifications.

There is a difference ! Comparing the same surface of the sound board, as it is between the K132 and the O180 model, that is 1,4 square meters, the upright piano costs simply half the price.


Stunning upright piano, possibly the most balanced or all upright pianos ? Personally I always compare the upright V125 to the celebrated grand piano of reference, the B211.

Possibly finish can be : satin black, shiny black, walnut, mahogany or waxed oak, shiny mahogany, shiny walnut, shiny white.

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The magnificent, fabulous, most powerful of all upright pianos. If you think you know something about pianos, if you have a certainty, come here, play and listen. Your expectations on upright pianos will disappear from the very first notes.

The K132 in black satin finish is the personal piano Gerard Fauvin fell in love with.

Possible finish : black satin, shiny black, walnut, Mahogany or waxed oak, shiny mahogany, shiny walnut or shiny white.

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The smallest Steinway grand piano impresses with its inimitable touch and features all the elements that make each Steinway unique: power, sound color, the finest materials and perfect craftsmanship.


fter the S155, champion of small spaces, the M170 is of the Studio’s favorite pianos as well as show business performers. Reduced size but the tone is rich, deep and powerful at the same time, a piano that can adapt to classical and jazz concert pianists.

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The O-180 model provides an extremely precise and unique touch. It meets the most advanced expectations and offers all the technical characteristics and inspiration that advanced or professional musicians may need.


This baby-grand piano is able to satisfy the most demanding pianists and dazzles with its richness of sound modulation, its precision ans the wide spectrum of its harmonic nuances. With a length of 188cm, it easily finds its place in all types of interiors.


The most beautiful piano that any concert pianist can dream of for his or her personal use.

Observe the face of this pianist who simply says :

<< I have a B>>!

Nothing else need to be told. All has been said.

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My B211, only one year old, new condition, only been used for concert rentals, and is available for you. Do not hesitate to fix an appointment and try it. A concert B211 is the one that most concert pianists are hungry for.


The guarantee of a successful concert From the delicate pianissimo to the powerful fortissimo, from the clarity of its treble to the depth of its bass, the C-227 model is the link that unites the composer, the performer ans the audience.


Also known as “The most beautiful piano in the World”

The D-274 is THE piano in the most absolute sense. The one that I am presenting you is my eight Grand Concert Steinway. Chosen by Steinway with Bertrand Chamayou in 2017, it is an absolutely exceptional instrument.

the absolute

Many have been so enthusiastic about it that they have adopted it os their own private piano, their own inspiration, just like Boris Berezovki or Bertrand Chamayou …

Steinway & Sons grand concert piano, black lacquer, 274 cm

Nothing else to be said …

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For 1,00 € more you can buy my own, which has been autographed by the most prestigious names, and has been set up so that it has the most special sound, this incredible touch ….

Second hand Steinway, upright, baby grand and grand pianos

The jewels

Here is some Grains to grind for the search engines !

I could hang a sign saying Cheap Steinway or Low Price Steinway or Promotion on Steinway but this is really not the style of our house, not our type of speech

But be aware that we have second hand Steinway :

At the moment we can present you 4 upright pianos between the 9.500 and 38.450 euros

At the moment we also have available 5 baby grand and grand pianos between 19.000 and 130.000.

We have present here 15 Steinway & Sons pianos, presented by your own Steinway & Sons dealer, himself a Steinway & Sons technician, guaranteeing a Steinway & Sons concert service.

There are worse things ….