The shop

Can we really call it a “store”? It is a place for the sale, the reception of people, the meeting, the exhibition. It’s not a stations hall or a large supermarket filled with pianos touching, but lounges where each piano is allowed to be played and showcased just like if it was in your own home. Middle class lounge or rustic or hip, but always thinking about showcasing and highlighting the instrument.


Jewels in their boxes

Petignac welcomes anybody who loves a piano. All pianos.
For the last 30 years we listen to concert pianists and amateurs of beautiful pianos.

Concert pianists and organizers, we appreciate them for their quality requirement. Our Steinway and Sons are our spearheads.

Our tuners, trained in Petignac, ally competence and passion to escort you best.

Guided tour in our shop

On the right the first room encourages you to visite and lets you fun your fingers on the keyboards of the leaning pianos prepared with our best care. Some clients are surprised to see that in Petignac all pianos are always tuned and set up.

New or second hand pianos, you will find in this room pianos for any wallet. Today our price range goes from 1.500 to 150.000 euros !

The room on the left is dedicated to Steinway and Sons. One room just for them, because they are our lords.

Authorized dealer and without a double the only product in the world that summarises all the notions of sound quality, touch precision, excellence, longevity, prestige, endurance and value.

Steinway & Sons is undoubtedly the only product in the world, to synthesize all the concepts of sound quality, precision of touch, excellence, longevity, prestige, endurance, and refuge value.

This is why we are proud of the signboard that’s been hanging more than …. years. The Steinway family. It’s a piramidal family, on the base we can find Essex, designed by Steinway and manufactured in China under license, then Boston, designed by Steinway and manufactured in Japan under license, then, of course, on top, the absolute, Steinway and sons, designed and manufactured in Hamburg, Germany.

Would you say that rolls Royce is a beautiful car !

What would you say if a car was a genetic cross between a rolls Royce and a jaguar, a Ferrari and a Mercedes !

One would say its a Steinway & Sons!

You will find here new upright Steinway pianos, but also second hand …. at the moment …….

The third room

The third room is reserved for other great brands. At the moment, in order to supply the demand for more and more beautiful restored pianos, we offer exceptional pianos, upright from great names restored to the highest standards by our devoted craftspeople : Cédric, Simon, François, Fred, Joseph and Lénie.

We have also been faithfully showing and selling Petrof pianos for more than 25 years. Pianos from the past still manufactured today. Pianos of beautiful and great make, anchored in the history of piano. A round and deeps tone, even when its clear !

The piano attic

We have dream of this room and have made it beautiful. Pure, minimal and stunning. A room to inspire and that resounds. Jean Marie Renaud of JMR speakers came to test it and told us to leave it alone, its perfect as it is.
And he didn’t say it because he’s a friend. This room … you need to come and listen yourself !

About thirty grand pianos. sometimes more .

In a rural setting, a site that inspires the fresh air and the time when we decided to concentrate on every day to find our piano, the piano from a trip or of a time of our life.

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